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Subtle moments of Blechacz's talking


"'s fine because I have a lot of good musical agencies and they are doing very well.  And it's very important (ここでピアノに)to keep a right balance between giving concerts and between normal private life, between the time for preparing new....preparation for new program for next recordings, next concerts. So...."


.....And I'm now very happy that I can record a few pieces for the next CD.  I chose the Prelude and Fugue in C sharp minor and the first Sonata opus 8: a big piece, four movements, a lot of emotions, a lot of culminations, but also a lot of ....(ここでピアノに) subtle moments; deeply moving fragments like the second movement for example.   What is also interesting in this sonata; we can hear a part from all expression; we can hear that the classical approach was very close to Szymanowski.....



あと1週間で、ラファウ・ブレハッチの誕生日ですね。Birthday Cardをアップしました。