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“Le Quatrieme concerto de Beethoven est mon préféré. “
Beethoven’s concerto No.4, it’s my favorite concerto. (Rafał Blechacz)

"…I’m always happy when I play this concerto because there are a lot of joys, also a lot of optimistic characters…".

Beethoven and Blechacz

"…I feel this concerto is very close to me, to my personality maybe, to my feelings, to my understanding of music…but there’s real Beethoven in this concerto….a lot of elements which are not so typical for Beethoven’s music, like for example, Pathetic Sonata or Moonlight Sonata…"

"…It’s different rubato than romantic music and Chopin’s music but especially in the late music by Beethoven, we MUST use rubatos sometimes…because it’s great, great music, a lot of romantic aspects, elements…"

"I think that freedom of interpretation is very important; freedom connected with the tempo, for example the rubato but also connected with the dynamic, coloristic aspects and a lot of different elements…"