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News from Poznań, May 22 (Polish)

Rafał Blechacz donated his concert fees to the flood victims
Poznań, 2010-05-22

Renowned Polish virtuoso Rafał Blechacz gave fees for the performance of Piano Concerto in Poznań for the people affected by the recent floods.
In Poznań Philharmonic filled to the brim, the artist played Piano Concerto in F minor on May 22, in celebration of the bicentennial of the birth of Fryderyk Chopin.

After the concert Blechacz noted that in Chopin's music there are a lot of pains and sorrows but also hope that in hard times currently experienced by the Poles is all very much needed.

(Appreciation to Karolina for sending us the important news.)

TVP1 news on May 21 about the flood (video)
(Thanks to Kuma for the info.)


"My opinion of Rafał is that he is the best ambassador of our art, music and culture, Poland in the world.
....In Schwetzingen he had standing ovation after the first part and at the end. People living there said that it is a rarity...He has in his interpretation "something" that extremely moves the listeners... Rafał is a very modest person, he isn't intoxicated with success, the same person now as before Chopin Competition".
(Andrzej Haluch, Director of Warsaw Artists Management.)←Thanks to Dana for the translation.

Rafał Blechacz and his young fan in Poznań
The words "hope and energy" popped up in my mind when seeing these two young Poles.