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 Chopin 2010 websiteより、インタビュー:ショパン、哲学などについて.(Polish)

TVP website"Chopin 1810-1839"「優勝者ラファウ・ブレハッチ」、インタビュー、2005年ショパンコンクールでの受賞発表風景、演奏

フランスのAFP制作、インタビュー、横浜のリサイタルにて、2010年10月 (French)
(In English- - Fragments related to Blechacz.)

Rafal Blechacz was only 20 years old when he won the Chopin Competition in 2005.  He comes from a small remote village in the north of Poland. His virtuosity and his shady complicity with the music of Chopin were deeply touching when he played..  Since then his life has been radically developing.

“After winning the competition, I started my international career.  I had always dreamed of playing all over the world, but after winning the competition, I realized the dream”, he confessed emotionally.

Tonight he is in Yokohama, Japan.  Next months, he’ll be playing in Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna.  His program, of course, includes Chopin, the composer who changed his life.  Wherever he is, he says that by playing Chopin's music, he feels at home.


ショパン前奏曲 op.28-20, ハンブルグ, 2007年夏